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The Bishop of the Diocese, Bishop Kwame Adanuty is the legal owner of the hospital.

There is a Tripartite Hospital Management Committee at the hospital level. We have the Heads of Department supporting the Hospital Management Committee internally.

Externally there is a Hospital Advisory Committee which gives feedback on what the community, opinion leaders and other stakeholders feel about the hospital as well as giving constructive suggestions to the hospital to improve their quality of work effectively and efficiently. Additionally, we have two Trade Union Groups namely the GRNA and TUC with whom some Management Team meetings are held. Heads of Department meetings are held every three months. Clinical meetings are held every month.


• The key policy thrust is to continue with 24 hours services. It is the policy of the hospital to give equal attention and treatment to all clients without discrimination.

• Provision of ANC/Immunization and Outreach services.

• Ensuring that Quality of service is maintained and run through major aspects of our service delivery system.
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